Airport hub staff

airport staff at the airport

Tickets reserved for airport staff are also availables !

I get my Airport Staff Card

Rates from 2019, January 1st

  Tickets  Prices (€) Prices at vending machines
Single      2,50 € 2,50 €
Return  5 € 5 €
40 Trips   79 € 81 €
31 Days  65,30 € 66,90 €
7 Days 19,60 €  20,10 €

If you buy your ticket aboard Rhônexpress, an additionnal charge of 4 € is applied by transaction regardless the number of tickets (based on ticket machines fares).

Airport employees who travel between home and work using Rhônexpress, and possibly the TCL network, can claim part of the cost of the travel passes they buy for these journeys. This mandatory Transport Bonus is paid by the employer, and is exempt from social security contributions. It is equal to at least 50% of the cost of the tickets. The Rhônexpress tickets eligible for the Transport Bonus are the 7-Day and 31-Day Tickets.

Available 1 year

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