From 2024/1/1


IN VIEW OF the French Code of Criminal Procedure, and in particular Articles 529-3 et seq., which lay down provisions applicable to certain offences against the police of public land transport services;

IN VIEW OF the provisions of the French Penal Code, and in particular articles 621-1, which concern gender-based insult, and R. 610-5, which concerns the breach of prohibitions or failure to comply with obligations laid down by police order;

IN VIEW OF the French General Local Authorities Code, and in particular Articles L. 2215.1 et seq. on the police powers of the State representative in the département;

IN VIEW OF the French Civil Code;

IN VIEW OF the French Public Health Code, in particular Articles L. 3511-7, L.3511-7-1, R. 3511- 1,R. 3512-2, R. 3513-3 et seq., which prohibit smoking and vaping in places for collective use and in public transport;

IN VIEW OF the French Transport Code;

IN VIEW OF the French Internal Security Code, and in particular of its provisions on video protection;

IN VIEW OF the French Monetary and Financial Code, and in particular Articles L. 112-5 and R. 112-2 thereof;

IN VIEW OF French Law no. 95-73 of 21 January 1995 on security policy and programming, and in particular Chapter II thereof;

IN VIEW OF French Law no. 2007-297 of 05 March 2007 on crime prevention;

IN VIEW OF French Law no. 2010-1192 of 11 October 2010 prohibiting the concealment of the face in public spaces;

IN VIEW OF French Law no. 2011-267 of 14 March 2011 on the orientation and programming of internal security performance (LOPPSI 2);

IN VIEW OF French Law no. 2016-339 of 22 March 2016 on the prevention of and fight against incivilities, against attacks on public security and against acts of terrorism in public passenger transport;

IN VIEW OF French Directives 70/156/EC of 06 February 1970 and 2001/85/EC of 20 November 2001, French Law  no. 2005-102 of 11 February 2005  as amended on equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of persons with disabilities, French Decrees no. 2003-425 of 09 May 2003, no. 2006- 138 of 09 February 2006 and no. 2015-1170 of 22 September 2015;the French Orders of 02 July 1982 as amended relating to public passenger transport and of 13 July 2009 on the accessibility of public transport vehicles to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility;

IN VIEW OF French Decree no. 85-891 of 16 August 1985, as amended, on urban passenger transport;

IN VIEW OF French Decree no. 2016-541 of 03 May 2016 relating to security and rules of conduct in rail or guided transport and certain other public transport;

IN VIEW OF the decree of the Prefect of the Rhône no 69-2017-0831-011 of 31 August 2017, relating to the modification of SYTRAL's articles of association;

Rhônexpress is the commercial name of the service operated by Transdev Rail Rhône SASU with a share capital of €37,000 euros, whose head office is located at Meyzieu 69881- 190 rue Antoine Becquerel, registered with the Lyon Trade and Companies Register under number 489 304 907.

Rhônexpress transports passengers between Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport and Gare Part-Dieu Villette stations.


ARTICLE 1 | The contract of carriage

The contract of carriage is evidenced by the Rhônexpress transport ticket, issued in paper form or in electronic form and presented by the passenger. The ticket shall, in the absence of proof to the contrary, be deemed authentic evidence of the conclusion and content of the contract of carriage.

The passenger must be in possession of a valid ticket throughout the journey. They must present it to the agents of the operator Transdev Rail Rhône upon request. Passengers purchasing their ticket on board are required to pay a supplement. Failure to pay for a ticket, before or during their journey, may result in a report being drawn up and passengers being removed from the train.


ARTICLE 2 | Publicity of the general terms and conditions of sale and operating rules

The operating rules and general terms and conditions of sale are available:

  • on request on +33 09 70 83 07 08
  • on the on-board display
  • displayed on ticket machines
  • on the website: rhonexpress.fr
  • on the mobile application (IOS, Android)

The operating rules and the general terms and conditions of sale are intended to define the operating conditions of the Rhônexpress service, as well as the terms and conditions of sale of tickets to passengers via the various distribution channels and, where appropriate, the conditions of reimbursement in the event of difficulties related to the service.

According to the specificities in terms of processing personal data in particular, these general terms and conditions of sale are consequently completed and detailed during a purchase made on the Rhônexpress website, on the mobile application or when a claim is made to the number set up.

The information gathered on the offence report is recorded in a computerised file by Transdev Rail Rhône in order for the appropriate proceedings to be conducted. This information will be kept until the fine has been paid, or for a maximum of two years, and will be transferred to the Public Prosecutor's Office if necessary.

The passenger must be aware of these prescriptions before any purchase. By making the purchase, the passenger acknowledges having read and accepted these general terms and conditions of sale and the operating rules.


ARTICLE 3 | Scope of application

The provisions of the operating rules and the general terms and conditions of sale apply to the trains, the rights-of-way, the infrastructures, as well as to the substitute vehicles assigned to the Rhônexpress services.


Primary obligations of travellers

ARTICLE 4 | Passengers' ticketing obligations

  • - Payment of the fare

The passenger's primary obligations are to pay the fare before or in addition to a supplement during the journey, and to ensure that the ticket has been issued according to its instructions.

Passengers must acquire a ticket:

  • from the rhonexpress.fr website or on the Rhônexpress mobile application. The website www.rhonexpress.fr and the mobile application allow secure payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro Electron).
  • from ticket vending machines placed on the platforms or in the vicinity of each station. Ticket machines accept payment by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro Electron) and cash (euros).
  • from the sales kiosks accessible at the airport and from potential partners during trade fairs.
  • on board the train or the substitute vehicle with an attendant if the passenger has not had time to acquire a ticket before boarding the train. In this case, a supplement of €4 per transaction is applied compared to the prices charged at ticket machines. Only payments by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American express, Maestro Electron) and cash (euros) are accepted.


In the latter case, passengers may be asked to provide the correct amount in cash when they purchase a ticket from the attendant. Attendants can only give change as they are able. If the customer is unable to provide the exact amount in cash, the attendant will keep the cash presented by the passenger and a change voucher will be given to the customer with their ticket, inviting them to come and collect their change from Transdev Rail Rhône's head office.

The purchase is only effective upon full payment of the ticket.

When making a purchase on the site, the passenger declares to have full legal capacity.

  • - Keeping the ticket in good condition

The passenger shall be responsible for the good state of preservation of the ticket in their possession and shall be obliged to use it in accordance with the prescriptions given. Consequently, any illegible, destroyed or stolen ticket cannot be refunded.

  • - Validation of the ticket with the attendant

The passenger must submit the ticket, either paper or electronic, to the attendant for validation. They must present it to Transdev Rail Rhône staff on request and keep it until their final destination.

Staff may collect tickets for control purposes. In this case, a replacement ticket or receipt shall be issued to the passenger.


Routes and timetables of the Rhônexpress line

ARTICLE 5 | itineraries, disembarkation and boarding of authorised passengers


The Rhônexpress service offers a journey time of less than 30 minutes between Lyon Part- Dieu and Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport with 2 intermediate stops at Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie and Meyzieu Z.I. The Rhônexpress service guarantees operation 365 days a year.

Passengers are only allowed to take the following routes:

  • Lyon Part-Dieu Villette > Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport
  • Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie > Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport
  • Meyzieu > Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport
  • Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport > Lyon Part Dieu Villette
  • Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport > Meyzieu
  • Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport > Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie

The service does not offer any local services within the urban transport perimeter of the Lyon metropolitan area.


ARTICLE 6 | alternative vehicles put in place by the operator

Alternative vehicles (coaches, minibuses or taxis) may be provided by the operator under special conditions.

These vehicles can be put in place between 00:00 and 04:25 while waiting for delayed flights.

These vehicles can also be set up between 04:25 and 00.00 to ensure continuity of public service; in other words, in the event of difficult traffic conditions for the Rhônexpress tramway linked, in particular, to technical, safety and security incidents or in cases of force majeure.


ARTICLE 7 | Access to timetables

The Rhônexpress service timetable can be found:

  • in each station and in the train
  • on the website rhonexpress.fr
  • on the mobile application (IOS, Android)
  • on leaflets.

Timetable changes may occur during the year, as well as in the event of traffic disruptions.

In the event of the latter, passengers are invited to consult the platform displays and, if necessary, to ask Rhônexpress staff present at the station for information.


ARTICLE 8 | Rhônexpress service timetable


From Lyon Part-Dieu Villette to Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

From Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport to Lyon Part-Dieu Villette


from 06:00 to 21:00

from 06:00 to 21:00

15 min

from 04:25 to 06:00

from 05:00 to 06:00

30 min

from 21:00 to 00:00

from 21:00 to 00:00

30 min


For departures from Vaulx-En-Velin la Soie or Meyzieu Z.I stations, please refer to the notices online at www.rhonexpress.fr, on the Rhônexpress mobile app, or on train displays.

In the event of operating difficulties on the route, special refund arrangements are provided for.


ARTICLE 9 | Guarantee of travel

The Rhônexpress service guarantees travel to the Gare Part Lyon Part-Dieu station in the event that a scheduled flight is delayed that should have landed at a time permitting the use of the Rhônexpress service. In this case, a supplementary service can be provided by tram or by a substitute vehicle subcontracted by Rhônexpress.

Fares, terms and conditions of purchase and reimbursement of Rhônexpress tickets


ARTICLE 10 | Fares and terms of use of Rhônexpress transport tickets


The terms and conditions of purchase stated are an integral part of the contract that binds Rhônexpress to the passenger when buying a ticket on a machine or on the website www.rhonexpress.fr.

Rhônexpress is committed to satisfying passenger demand within the limit of available seats on board. Seats on the Rhônexpress service cannot be reserved in advance.

The current price range is as follows:

Tickets - Price list on 2024/1/1

Tariff incl. VAT - €

Tariff incl. VAT - INTERNET- €

Commercial tickets



One-way TVM



One-way 12-25 years



Return ticket TVM



Return ticket 12-25 years



Return ticket escort 4h



Return ticket Internet 1 month in advance



Return ticket Internet 2 months in advance



Return ticket with train connection



Single ticket with train connection



10 trips with train connection



10 trips



10 trips 12-25 years



Partner Discount (Return ticket, share attributable to the SFE)



Surcharge for sale on board






TVM: ticket vending machine
SFE: express rail service


  • The one-way ticket can be used to make a single trip with Rhônexpress. It is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.
  • The one-way 12-25 years old ticket can be used to make a single trip with Rhônexpress. It is valid for 1 year from the date of issue for a person of or between the ages of 12 and 25.
  • The return ticket can be used to make a round trip with Rhônexpress. It is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase until the second validation by the attendant during the trip. The return journey cannot be made less than 45 minutes after the outward journey.
  • The Return 12-25 years ticket can be used to make a round trip with Rhônexpress. It is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase until the second validation by the attendant during the return trip. The return journey cannot be made less than 45 minutes after the outward journey, for a person of or between the ages of 12 and 25.
  • The 4-hour return ticket can be used to make a round trip with Rhônexpress. It is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. It can be used for 4 hours from its first validation until the second validation by the attendant on the return journey. The return journey cannot be made less than 45 minutes after the outward journey.
  • The 10-trip ticket can be used to make 10 trips on Rhônexpress, alone or with several people travelling together. It is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase until its 10th validation.
  • The Return Ticket - 1 month in advance can be used to make a round trip with Rhônexpress. It can only be used 1 month after purchase. From this date, the outward and return journeys must be made within 12 months.

The Partner Discount: this allows you to apply a reduced rate for event partners such as Trade Shows. These discounts are only valid for these events.

Train connection tickets are valid for all people in possession of a TGV reservation valid on the day of his trip. The traveler must have as his departure or arrival station the Lyon St Exupéry Railway station.


  • The Rhônexpress + Lyon City Card is a card that gives you
  • unlimited access to public transport in the Lyon area:

Lyon City Card 1 day: 1 day from the first validation in a public transport in the Lyon area.


For the Lyon City Card 2 days: 2 days from the first validation in a public transport in the Lyon area.

Lyon City Card 3 days: 3 days from the first validation in a public transport in the Lyon area.

Lyon City Card 4 days: 4 days from the first validation in a public transport in the Lyon area.


  • free access to a selection of museums/exhibitions, guided tours, walking cruises, Fourvière rooftops, looms, planetarium, puppet shows...


  • discounts on excursions, operas, theatres, vélo’v, the aquarium, France Aventures, Lyon city tours, Maison de la danse.


  • Surcharge for purchase on board applies when a passenger buys their ticket from an attendant in the train. This surcharge applies to the total amount the passenger pays, regardless of the number of tickets purchased.


Article 11 | Special arrangements for passengers who are minors

Passengers under 12 years of age travel free of charge on Rhônexpress. They must be accompanied by an adult. The attendant may require the presentation of an official identity document to verify the age of the passenger concerned.


Article 12 | Special arrangements for escorting persons with disabilities

Passengers accompanying another passenger with a mobility inclusion card (CMI), priority card or disability card travel free of charge on board Rhônexpress.


Article 13 | Tariffs for staff at the Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport platform


The use of these vouchers is subject to the possession of a valid entitlement card reserved for employees, trainees and students working at the Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport hub. This entitlement card is issued after the employee applies online or by email to sav.rhonexpress@transdev.com with the supporting documents.

Transport tickets

Tariff incl. VAT - €

Tariff incl. VAT - INTERNET- €

One-way ticket



7 Days



31 Days



40 Trips



Return ticket



Terms and conditions of use:

  • The One-Way ticket can be used to make a single journey with Rhônexpress. It is valid for 45 minutes from the time of issue.
  • The 7-day ticket allows an unlimited number of journeys with Rhônexpress for a period of 7 days from the first validation by the Rhônexpress
  • The 31-day ticket allows an unlimited number of journeys with Rhônexpress for a period of 31 days from the first validation by the Rhônexpress
  • The 40-trip ticket allows you to make 40 trips with Rhônexpress. It is valid for 1 year from the first validation within the limit of 40 trips.
  • The Return ticket can be used to make a round trip with Rhônexpress. It is valid for one year from the date of purchase until the second validation by the attendant during the trip. The return journey cannot be made less than 45 minutes after the outward journey.


ARTICLE 14 | Submission of proof of preferential rates

Passengers using a ticket issued at a reduced fare must be able to prove that they are entitled to benefit from this preferential fare at all times.


ARTICLE 15 | Conditions for ticket refund

  • - Tickets available at ticket machines and from Rhônexpress attendants

Tickets purchased from ticket machines and attendants are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

  • - Tickets available on the Rhônexpress website or on the Rhônexpress mobile application (e-tickets)

As an exception to the previous article, in the case of an online order (on the website or via the mobile application), the passenger has until the expiry date mentioned on the e-ticket to request cancellation and reimbursement, provided that the e-ticket has not been validated on board.

The cancellation request must be made through the user account, in the History section, that was created when the user first placed an order on the Rhônexpress website. In the case of an order without prior account creation, the user will have to contact customer service to make a cancellation request.


For any request for cancellation of an e-ticket, the user must select the order concerned in their user account and the refund amount will be credited directly to the bank card used for payment. The data is encrypted when it is sent. Cancellation fees of a fixed amount of €3, including taxes, are charged for any order cancelled more than 7 days after the purchase date.


ARTICLE 16 | Terms of refund in case of delay of the Rhônexpress service


The terms and conditions of refunds in the event of delay are applicable to tickets purchased from ticket machines, attendants, the Rhônexpress website and the Rhônexpress mobile application.

Any person who expresses the intention of obtaining compensation for a journey made on Rhônexpress, whatever the circumstances, will be required to provide proof of his or her status as a user, either by providing a registered transport ticket, or by any means likely to establish not only the reality of the journey that he or she claims to have made, but also the conclusion of the transport contract and the payment of the relevant price.

Compensation is accepted by the customer service department only if the facts are proven and the file is complete.

Transdev Rail Rhône cannot be held liable to compensate for damages that are outside the scope of this contract. Consequently, in case of delay or interruption of the Rhônexpress service, additional charges (hotel, taxi, flight...) will not be reimbursed.


Methods of reimbursement in case of delay


Ticket refund

> 10 min


> 20 min/cancelled service

100 %


Transdev Rail Rhône undertakes to compensate the passenger on the basis of the price of a full fare one-way ticket in the following cases:

  • delay of the train’s arrival, compared to the theoretical schedule, of between 11 and 20 minutes: 50% refund
  • delay of the train’s arrival, compared to the theoretical schedule, of more than 20 minutes: 100% refund
  • cancelled service: 100% refund.

To obtain the aforementioned compensation, the passenger must submit a request via the contact form on www.rhonexpress.fr or by post to Transdev Rail Rhône, enclosing proof of ticket purchase.

Transdev Rail Rhône then sends the user a refund by bank transfer, credit card or discount code. In the latter case, an email is sent with a discount code valid for 2 years corresponding to the amount of the refund.

The discount code is only to be used on the website when you next purchase an e-ticket (transferable).

Compensation for delay does not apply in the case where a road substitution service is active.


This compensation also does not apply to passengers travelling with a Rhônexpress ticket that is free of charge or reserved for airport staff.


Rules of good conduct and prohibited behaviours within the Rhônexpress rights-of-way, trains and substitute vehicles


ARTICLE 17 | Compliance with the Rhônexpress operating rules

Passengers are asked to behave in a civil and courteous manner. Passengers must ensure their own safety on board the train, as well as the safety of any person in their charge.

Transdev Rail Rhône declines all responsibility in advance in the event of a breach of these regulations for any damage that may result and reserves the possibility of taking legal action against offenders before the relevant courts.


ARTICLE 18 | Compliance with orders from the operator's agents

Persons who by their dress or behaviour are likely to inconvenience or disturb public order inside a train, a vehicle or in a Rhônexpress service area will have to leave the premises if requested to do so by a member of the operator's staff. If they have paid the price of their travel, they cannot claim any compensation in such cases.

A passenger who is a victim of or witness to theft, assault or an act of incivility must immediately report the facts to the operator's staff.


ARTICLE 19 | Bulky objects the seats, entrances and exits of Rhônexpress trains and replacement vehicles

Passengers must deposit their luggage in the spaces provided for this purpose. It is forbidden to improperly occupy seats with belongings, packages or other objects, or to obstruct the boarding and disembarking of passengers in the trains or in other substitute vehicles.

It is forbidden to take the place of a passenger already seated or to use the storage space above or below a seat occupied by another passenger unless the latter agrees. Passengers shall also ensure that they do not obstruct traffic in the corridors or access to the compartments.

Depending on the number of passengers in the train, it is possible that the operator's staff may deny access to the owner of an object that is too cumbersome and that may create a security risk.

Luggage must be labelled (surnames, first names). The operator shall provide passengers with labels for this purpose.


ARTICLE 20 | Rules relating to abandoned luggage and other objects left unattended

Passengers must not abandon or leave materials or objects unattended in the spaces or vehicles assigned to the transport.

Passengers are asked to be careful with their personal belongings and to report any packages that appear suspicious to the operator's staff. Passengers' luggage remains their responsibility.

Luggage forgotten by passengers is disruptive to the route’s operation. Abandoned luggage can lead to the implementation of a “suspicious package” procedure, or even to the involvement of the police and/or the bomb removal service, requiring the line to be stopped and affecting all other passengers.

In all cases, passengers who have forgotten their luggage in a train or in the Rhônexpress service must immediately inform Transdev Rail Rhône.

Transdev Rail Rhône may be required to file a complaint for infringement of article L.2242-4, 4° of the French Transport Code if the abandonment of a piece of luggage has caused an incident on the traffic.


ARTICLE 21 | Special cases of prams, bicycles, rollerblades, parcels and luggage, bulky objects

Folded prams, parcels, bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards are admitted free of charge in the trains as well as in the holds and storage spaces of substitute vehicles. They shall be placed in the rack provided for this purpose at the entrance to the trains or on the shelves above the seats. Surfboards, snowboards and skis must be packed.

The operator's staff are entitled to refuse admission of such objects if they are likely to inconvenience, hinder or constitute a risk to other passengers, particularly in the event of heavy traffic.


ARTICLE 22 | Prohibition on the introduction of weapons or dangerous materials


It is prohibited to bring in weapons, materials or objects which by their nature, their quantity or the inadequacy of their packaging may prove dangerous or may hinder or inconvenience passengers.


ARTICLE 23 | Specific rules for animals accompanying passengers

Dogs without muzzles serving as guides for the blind and for assistance to people with reduced mobility and those assisting the police are accepted on the Rhônexpress service. Pets are also tolerated if they are placed in a closed passenger compartment, weigh less than 5kg and do not occupy a seat.

The approved animals must not, in any event, soil the operator's vehicles and rights-of-way or inconvenience passengers.

The operator cannot be held responsible for the consequences of accidents to which the animals may have been subjected or the damage they may have caused.


ARTICLE 24 | Prohibition of smoking or vaping in vehicles and rights-of-way

It is forbidden to smoke or to use electronic cigarettes or any other cigarette substitute device that may cause discomfort to passengers, the discomfort being at the sole discretion of the Operator's staff, within the trains, substitute vehicles and in the outbuildings assigned to the Rhônexpress transport service other than in the spaces provided for this purpose.


ARTICLE 25 | Rules relating to the behaviour and good citizenship of passengers

Passengers are prohibited from spitting or urinating in spaces or vehicles used for the transport of passengers.

It is prohibited to enter or remain in a drunk and disorderly state in spaces or vehicles used for the transport of passengers. It is forbidden to sell and consume any alcoholic beverage, narcotic product or derivative product in the trains, substitute vehicles and Rhônexpress stations.

Passengers must be careful not to disturb the peace and quiet of other passengers. In particular, it is forbidden to use sound devices or instruments or to disturb the peace and quiet of others by noise or disturbances on the platforms or in the outbuildings.

It is prohibited to impose on a person any comment or conduct of a sexual or sexist nature which either violates their dignity by reason of its degrading or humiliating nature or which creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive situation.

It is prohibited to wear clothing intended to conceal one's face except in the case of legal exceptions, namely if the clothing is prescribed or authorised by legislative or regulatory provisions, if it is justified on health or professional grounds, or if it is worn as part of sporting practices, festivals or artistic or traditional events.

It is forbidden to leave or throw in the trains, vehicles or stations any papers, newspapers, packaging, residues or rubbish of any kind that could harm the hygiene or cleanliness of the premises or that are likely to cause problems in the operation of the facilities.

It is forbidden to modify or interfere with the normal operation of the equipment installed in the spaces or vehicles without authorisation.

It is forbidden to remove or damage the labels, cards, signs, inscriptions or advertisements affixed in the vehicle stations of interest to the Rhônexpress service.



ARTICLE 26 | Prohibitions relating to the security and continuity of the Rhônexpress service

For obvious safety reasons, as well as for the good circulation of the Rhônexpress trains, it is forbidden to:

  • physically impede the boarding or progress of other passengers by obstructing the corridors, passageways or stairways of trains, substitute vehicles or rights-of-way,
  • obstruct the closing of vehicle access doors before departure or opening them after the start signal while the vehicle is moving and before the vehicle comes to a complete stop,
  • use an alarm or stop signal available to passengers to call on the operator's staff without legitimate reason,
  • lean out of vehicles or stay on rights-of-way during transit,
  • take a seat or remain in the vehicle beyond the terminal,
  • enter or leave the vehicle other than through the accesses provided for that purpose,
  • use transport vehicles as towing equipment.

It is also prohibited to board or alight at stations other than those intended for this purpose as indicated in Article 5.


ARTICLE 27 | Prohibitions relating to Rhônexpress facilities and vehicles

It is forbidden to modify, move without authorisation or to degrade or disturb: the railway track, embankments, fences, gates, buildings and engineering structures, power generation, transmission and distribution facilities, apparatus and equipment of any kind used for operations.

No person shall obstruct the starting and movement of vehicles in the entrance, right-of-way or exit.

It is forbidden to move on any private right-of-way including the section of fenced track between Meyzieu Z.I. station and Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport unless expressly authorised.

It is forbidden to sit in, enter or attempt to enter the driver's cab of a vehicle.

No parking is permitted on service tracks or in the immediate vicinity


ARTICLE 28 | right-of-way priority rule

Pedestrians must leave the right-of-way as the train approaches in the case of open lane crossings.


ARTICLE 29 | Circulation in the rights-of-way and Rhônexpress trains


It is prohibited to travel without authorisation, on a motorised vehicle or not, in the spaces provided for the carriage of passengers, with the exception of means of transport used by persons with reduced mobility.


ARTICLE 30 | Priority rules for access to passenger seats

In each train, spaces reserved for persons with reduced mobility are allocated in the following ascending order:

  • person carrying a mobility inclusion card (CMI), “priority” card or disability card,
  • pregnant women,
  • persons accompanied by children under 4 years of age,
  • people over 75 years of age.

When these reserved seats are unoccupied, they may be used by other passengers on condition that the latter give them up immediately to priority persons when they request them directly or through Transdev Rail Rhône staff.


ARTICLE 31 | Prohibition on begging

It is forbidden to beg on the public domain and in the trains.


ARTICLE 32 | Rules relating to the Rhônexpress operation or commercial distribution

It is forbidden to carry out any commercial exploitation or distribution within the trains, substitute vehicles and rights-of-way of the Rhônexpress service. Consequently, it is forbidden for any person to resell Rhônexpress transport tickets, except authorised partners.

It is also forbidden to:

  • distribute leaflets without special permission, solicit the signing of petitions, engage in propaganda of any kind
  • take photographic or cinematographic shots or sound recordings unless special authorisation is granted by the operator and SYTRAL,
  • make, without authorisation, a regular declaration to offer for sale or exhibit for sale property or to practise any other profession in public places,
  • solicit, offer for sale or sell anything, engage in any kind of advertising and affix posters, drawings or inscriptions without a special authorisation issued by the operator and SYTRAL.


Flat-rate compensation and settlement terms applicable to offenders of the Rhônexpress operating regulations


ARTICLE 33 | Settlement terms

Notwithstanding the application of certain specific regulatory texts, non-compliance with the rules laid down in the regulation constitutes an offence that may be observed by sworn and certified officers of the operator, as well as by law enforcement officers, resulting in the settlement of a 3rd- or 4th-class ticket.

In accordance with Article 529-4 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure, the transaction is carried out by the payment to the operator for whose benefit the security is provided of a flat-rate compensation and, where applicable, the sum due for the transport. However, the public prosecution is extinguished by the payment of the fine to the operator.

This payment is made:

  • at the time when the offence is discovered in the hands of sworn officers of the operator of the transport service,
  • within two months of the date on which the infringement is reported to the operator's department. In this case, the cost of preparing the file will be added to the sums due. In the absence of immediate payment, the sworn agent of the operator of the Rhônexpress service is authorised to collect the name and address of the offender. If necessary, the assistance of an officer or a judicial police officer may be requested.

The amount of the flat-rate compensation and, where appropriate, the costs of preparing the file shall be acquired by the operator.


In the absence of immediate payment, the agents of the operator of the Rhônexpress service, if they have been approved by the public prosecutor and have been sworn in, are authorised to take down the identity and address of the offender.

If the offender refuses or is unable to prove their identity, the agent of the operator of the Rhônexpress service will immediately report the incident to any judicial police officer of the national police or the relevant local national gendarmerie, who can then order the immediate presentation of the offender. In the absence of such an order, the sworn officer may not detain the offender. The procedure shall be terminated immediately if the offender pays all the sums due under the transaction.



ARTICLE 34 | Amounts and payment methods of flat-rate compensation


In accordance with article 529-5 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure, within the two-month period provided for in the previous article, the offender must pay the amount of the sums due under the transaction, unless the offender lodges a protest with the operator's department within this period. This protest, accompanied by the statement of offence, is sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. If the operator fails to pay or protest within the aforementioned two-month period, the statement of offence is sent by the operator to the Public Prosecutor's Office and the offender is automatically liable to pay a flat-rate fine, which is increased and recovered by the Public Treasury by virtue of a license enforceable by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.




Amount of flat-rate compensation (€) incl. VAT

Passenger with an invalid ticket (in particular lack of supporting documents for the 12-25 year-old discount, lack of an airport card...)


Passenger without a ticket (amount to which the price of the ticket must be added)


Offences relating to security and the rules of conduct laid down in this regulation, including suspicious packages


Smoking outside the authorised areas


Ban on vaping


Administrative fees: for offences that are not paid immediately to the sworn officer (not applicable to minor offenders)




ARTICLE 35 | Special terms and conditions applicable to employees of the Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport hub


Employees of the Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport hub who do not hold their entitlement card are liable for the fixed compensation for lack of proof. The report may be cancelled if the person concerned presents their card, within 48 hours of the offence being recorded, at the Rhônexpress Maintenance Centre (190 rue Antoine Becquerel 69330 Meyzieu), Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:30.



ARTICLE 36 | Declaration of false identity


Persons declaring a false address or false identity to sworn officers are punished by the penalties provided for in Article L.2242-5 of the French Transport Code.


ARTICLE 37 | Habitual Offence


Anyone who habitually travels in any means of public transport for paying passengers without a valid ticket is liable to 6 months' imprisonment and a fine of €7,500. Habit is characterised when the person concerned has been the subject, over a period of not more than 12 months, of more than 5 offences for travelling without a ticket or with an invalid or incomplete ticket, which have not given rise to a transaction pursuant to article 529-3 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure.



ARTICLE 38 | Tourism and Travel Mediator


In the event that the offender contests the operator's service within two months of the offence being established, and if the response to your complaint does not meet your expectations, a request may be made to the Tourism and Travel Mediator within one year from the date of registration of your complaint with our customer service department.

The Tourism and Travel Mediator can be contacted directly online by downloading the referral form: http://www.mtv.travel and returning it, completed, to the following address: MTV Médiation Tourisme Voyage - BP 80 303 - 75823 Paris Cedex 17.



General rules on passenger complaints ARTICLE 39 | Services authorised to receive complaints

Conductors and attendants are not entitled to settle claims. All complaints must be addressed:

  • by using the contact form on the website or mobile application
  • by mail at the following address: Transdev Rail Rhône, exploitant Rhônexpress, Service Clients 190 rue Antoine Becquerel 69881 Meyzieu cedex
  • by calling 09 70 83 07 08

The claim must be accompanied by the tickets and other supporting documents necessary for its processing. A register, intended to receive claims from people who have complaints to make about the Rhônexpress service or against companies linked to its service, is kept by Transdev Rail Rhône and on the www.rhonexpress.fr website (contact form).



ARTICLE 40 | Hierarchy of regulatory texts applicable to Rhônexpress services


The conditions under which the tickets can be used, and the fares, are set by the Syndicat Mixte des transports pour le Rhône et l'agglomération lyonnaise (SYTRAL).

In the event of a discrepancy between this Order and the Prefectorial Order authorising the operation of a transport line, the provisions of the latter shall prevail.



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