All Rhônexpress stations are accessible at ground level or by lifts. The lifts have Braille control panels indicating the levels served.

Each platform has a tactile strip to inform blind or visually impaired people when they are approaching the edge of the platform.

Information terminals give a visual display of the waiting times for the next two Rhônexpress trams. If traffic is disrupted, audio messages may also be broadcasted at the stations.





The carriages

All the access doors are fully accessible and allow wheelchair and pushchair users to enter and exit. The station platforms are designed to leave as little space as possible between the tram access door and the platform.

On board, 70% of the carriage space is at platform level.

An audio signal warns when the doors are closing. At the same time, a light flashes above each door to inform passengers with hearing impairments. For your safety, do not use the doors when these signals are activated.

Each carriage has two specific spaces with grab bars for wheelchair users to hold on to while the tram is moving. A safety belt is also provided to hold the wheelchair steady.                   

The names of the next stations and the direction of travel are displayed on an illuminated strip and given in audio announcements.

Guide dogs for blind or disabled people are allowed on board Rhônexpress.

Rhônexpress representatives

A Rhônexpress steward is always present on each tram. He can help make your journey easier or offer assistance if there is a problem.

At Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport

You can receive help as soon as you arrive at Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport if you have just taken or intend to take a flight. When booking your flight, inform the airline (via your travel agent if necessary) of your needs at least 48 hours before departure.

Click here for more information about assistance service

When you board Rhônexpress, the steward can also contact the airport's reduced mobility helpdesk if you wish. An assistant will then meet you on the Rhônexpress platform when you arrive at the airport, and will help you get to your check-in desk.

Note also that companions travelling with disabled passengers who have a disability rate of 80% or above can travel free of charge on Rhônexpress on presentation of the appropriate card.