MyRhônexpress Avantages offers discounts on big names as well as local retailers. Including up to 50% off luggage, newspapers, well-being, days out, sport and shopping.


Discount on travel Double points on each trip Exclusive Rhônexpress service: dedicated customer service, private hirevehicles
Offers negociated especially for you Flight insurance
Year-round deals


The more you travel with Rhônexpress, the more points you earn giving you access to discounts on future trips.

My Rhônexpress Avantages members get double points:

2 points for each single trip
6 points for each return trip
30 points for each 10-trip travel ticket

Once you’ve earned 13 points – after purchasing one 10-trip travel card – get a 35% discount on your next return trip!

Points earned Discounts
13 35% discount on a return ticket
18 50% discount on a return ticket
30 1 free return ticket
36 25% discount on a 10-trip travel ticket


MyRhônexpress Avantages members can enjoy discounts on shopping, well-being, flights and travel with an Obiz digital card which can be accessed from a smartphone. And a dedicated customer service team is on hand when you need it.