Who is it for ?

To anyone.

This card will allow you :

* to have an unlimited access to urban area public transport

* to have free access to 22 museums/exhibitions, guided visits, stroll cruises, planetarium, Guignol show, ...

* to get a discount on excursions, opera, theaters, vélov (city bikes), aquarium, France aventures, Grand Tour of Lyon, Maison de la dance.

More informations : www.lyoncitycard.com

When is it valid ?

Rhônexpress Ticket : 1 year from purchase date on board.

Lyon City card : 2 days from first validation in a public transport of the Lyon urban area.

How long ?

Available for :

Rhônexpress Return Ticket + 2 days Lyon City Card 

Where can I buy it ?

  • On this website. It is the simpliest and quickest way to buy your ticket. You will avoid queueing and be amongst the first ones to board Rhônexpress. Your E-Ticket will be valid for 1 year following its purchase date. You must swap it for the Rhônexpress definitive ticket (validity as per shown in this section). For more information on the E-Ticket.
  • On the Lyon Tourism and Congress website - Tourist information office

NB : To get your Lyon City Card, you must imperatively go to the Welcome Area situated in Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport (between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2), handing over your voucher during opening hours, everyday from 8am to 7pm.