How to have a nice trip aboard Rhônexpress

You do not need to book a seat in advance to use Rhônexpress - just come to your chosen station and board the tram. You can also buy tickets at a ticket machine:

  • Lyon-Saint-Exupéry if you are travelling towards Lyon
  • Lyon Part-Dieu or Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie if you are travelling to the airport

You can also buy your ticket on this website to avoid the queues (find out more about the E-Ticket), or from the conductor if you do not have the time to do so beforehand (an additional charge of 4€ is applied by transaction on board regardless the number of tickets).

During your trip, the conductor will ask to see your E-Ticket or ticket and to validate it.

Warning: Rhônexpress is a dedicated to link Lyon and the Airport. You must have Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport as departure or arrival station.

To ensure everyone can travel comfortably on Rhônexpress, here are a few guidelines to follow :



Animals: pets can travel on Rhônexpress free of charge as long as they are kept in a closed cage and weigh less than 5 kg. Guide dogs without muzzle for blind or disabled people are allowed on the Rhônexpress service. If required to intervene, Police and Gendarmerie dogs are also allowed on board.


velo.pngBicycles:  Only bicycles of travellers with a plane ticket are accepted onboard of Rhônexpress. Considered as a luggage, it can't be refused.

Transport of bicycles belonging to Airport employees, resident or user without plane ticket is allowed on condition that they are put in a closed cover. The transport of folding bikes, rollerblades, kick scooters, surfs and skis is tolerated.


valises.pngLuggage and parcels: before taking your seat, you are invited to place your luggage and parcels in one of the vertical luggage racks by the doors or the horizontal racks above the seats. The Rhônexpress steward will be happy to help you handle your belongings. Small bags can be stored under the seats. To avoid accidents, please keep folding bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, scooters, surf boards and skis with you, and keep them in protective covers.

Luggage or any object labelling is compulsory on board od Rhônexpress. Labelling must mention the User identity and his phone number. 





Pushchairs: during the journey, you can leave your child in a pushchair in the space reserved for wheelchair users, turning it to face the back of the tram. To keep your child safe, attach the seatbelt and engage the brakes on the pushchair.





Priority seating: please volunteer to give up the priority seats reserved for people with disabilities, pregnant women, elderly people and people with young children.



cigarrette.jpg Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs: Rhônexpress trams are non-smoking, and the consumption of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.

Audio devices: to avoid disturbing other passengers, we ask you to be discreet with your telephone, computer or music player.