Rhônexpress How To

1. Buy your ticket

Use the internet or mobile app to buy in advance

Advantageous internet rates

Rates adapted to your age

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2. Go to the station

No reservation

Tagged luggage

Think ahead about arriving at the platform

3. Enjoy your trip

Settle in on board: wifi, electrical outlets, magazines...

Our attendant will accompany you

As Rhônexpress is a service dedicated to serving the airport platform, you must have "Aéroport Lyon - Saint Exupéry" as your boarding or alighting station.

Some instructions to be respected for the well-being of everyone

Any behaviour contrary to this principle will be subject to a fine.


You can travel with your pet on board Rhônexpress at no extra charge, as long as it is placed in a closed cabin and weighs less than 5 kg. Muzzleless dogs trained to assist blind people and people with reduced mobility are also accepted on the Rhônexpress service. Police or Gendarmerie dogs are also allowed on board for any intervention needs.


Only bicycles owned by passengers in possession of a plane ticket are accepted on board Rhônexpress. As luggage, it cannot be refused. The transport of bicycles owned by airport employees, local residents, or any other person without a plane ticket is tolerated only if they are folded. This also applies to rollerblades, skateboards, snowboards and skis.

Luggages and parcels

before taking your seat, please store your luggage and parcels in one of the vertical racks placed at the entrances or in the horizontal racks located above the seats. Rhônexpress attendants are at your disposal to assist you in the handling of your belongings. Your small luggage can be placed under the seats.

All luggage and objects must be labelled.

The label must include the owner’s identity and telephone number where they can be reached immediately. Any omission leading to a police intervention and a shutdown of the operation will result in prosecution.


during the journey, you can leave your child in their pushchair by placing it in the space reserved for wheelchair users and turning it in the opposite direction to the direction of train traffic. For your child's safety, make sure to fasten the seat belt and use the pushchair's brakes.

Priority seating

please leave these seats available as a priority for people with reduced mobility, pregnant women, the elderly or people accompanied by young children.

Cigarettes, alcohol and narcotics

Rhônexpress trains are non-smoking, and the consumption of alcohol and narcotics is not tolerated.